4 Free Marketing Methods for New Businesses

Marketing can seem like a daunting and pricey task for a small start-up business.

Here are four tips to help you market your business for free.

Home Grown

Brand awareness starts in your community. Local newspapers, coffee shops and neighbouring websites could all be a potential marketing platform. Getting a mention or a feature through one of these outlets can go a long way to getting more customers at your door. Yes, the competition may have the flashy PR guys on board, but why do you need them when you can DIY it?

A great way to start is to open your local paper to the business section, find out who is writing about business in your local community, then put finger to keyboard and write a nice concise pitch. With Google as everyones best friend, finding the email address for your resident journalist has never been easier.

The Direct Route

Most of us can’t go an hour without checking our emails. It’s hardly surprising that email marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching people.

Install a section on your website thats provides opportunity to enter competitions or sign up to a newsletter. You need to provide some value for your customers; offer something worthwhile in return for an email address.

It’s not just promotions that keep customers coming back. Although they are a good incentive for people to subscribe, but nothing beats a good newsletter. By keeping customers updated with your business’ news, you can keep it at the forefront of their minds.

Where we all Live

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn… Never mind emails, these are the notifications we’re all looking for. And what’s better? It’s free.

Although a procrastinator’s dream, Social Media is the easiest place to learn about your customers and gain their feedback and support. By providing your followers with intriguing content they’ll want to share amongst their peers, you can generate more customers for your brand.

You need consistent, curated content to have a genuine impact, however in the beginning there’s no need to post everyday until you have a clear grasp of what your followers want. This is the best way to learn.

More than Profit

Customers buying your product or service is great, however profit alone is not what keeps a business afloat. It’s no secret that customers talk to each other; reviewing that new restaurant on the high-street and discussing the latest gadget. We all do it. Swapping stories about the next big thing.

Positive stories from happy customers can sell things in a way you can’t. So why not invite your customers to share? Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, it can be your greatest marketing tool.

Customer tailored marketing is a key component to any business’ survival, large or small, but it doesn’t have to swallow your wallet. There are helpful services out there to keep your business visible so potential customers can find you.

Start Your Own Business Whilst Employed

Starting your own business is becoming more of a reality than a dream for a lot of budding entrepreneurs. Whilst some of us simply fantasise of leaving the nine-to-five, others are actively pursuing a means to run their own company.

It’s not as simple as finding your niche and quitting the day job. For many people, juggling both for a period of time is necessary whilst your new adventure grows into a sufficient income.

This transition is not easy. Trying to find the time, energy and focus for both your job and your passion can be confusing. It’s important to keep motivated during this change.

Below are some tips to help keep you driven whilst you work towards your goal;

Find your WHY

It’s super important to know the motivation behind this dream. Do you wish to travel with your work? Is it the freedom? The financial independence? Spending more time with the kids?

Without this it’ll be harder to overcome any obstacles you face. Knowing your why will keep you committed and focused.


Make sure you’re 100% committed before starting out. Tell people what you’re doing so they also hold you accountable. This means you’ll find solutions rather than excuses to back out if things get tough.

Have a clear vision

Have a specific goal of where you want to be a year from now, personally and business wise. Don’t leave out any details. Picture exactly what you want to achieve and by when. This can be in terms of the number of clients you’d like to be working with, which city you’d like to be working in or the number or sales you want to make by Christmas.

It might help to create a mood board or to keep a diary; something to hand which you can look at daily. You are significantly more likely to hit a goal if you write it down and even more so if you look at what you’ve written on a daily basis. Focus on the end result – your lovely, growing business.

Create a network

Find a network of people on the same path as you with a similar mind set. You could join a mentoring group of business people and entrepreneurs, who meet on a regular basis to support each other. If you can’t find one build your own network of people you can rely on for honest advice.

Make sure this group includes people who are ahead of you in their business adventure; people who will inspire and motivate you. It’s a good way to find others who will hold you accountable too!


I promise, it will be worth it!