What can you support me with? – FAQ

The list is vast! I am proactive, capable, learn fast and am good at using my initiative. I can assist with one-off projects, or provide ongoing, long-term support.

Generally speaking, I can support you with the typical office support (day-to-day tasks) such as:

  • Email
  • Making appointments, keeping your schedule
  • Personal/business paperwork
  • Research
  • Planning meetings and events
  • Making travel arrangements – business and personal including:
  • Renewing passports
  • Dining reservations (local and while travelling)

I can also provide support for the projects that will move your business forward (this is the stuff I really enjoy), such as:

  • Managing your social media & marketing – monitoring your online (and offline) reputation and helping you improve it
  • Updating your website (WordPress support – although if you use a different platform, I’m a fast learner!)
  • Helping you to plan and then execute a product launch
  • Systemising your processes
  • Providing a weekly update on all the news you need to know, but don’t have time to seek out and read yourself
  • Attending networking events/seminars on your behalf

For a list of popular services please see here.

Please note I am not an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Graphic Designer, Sales Representative or Telemarketer. I can offer a multitude of support but you should always seek out a professional to help you in specialist areas. I will always be honest with you if the support you require is not within my remit.

I want to build a strategic partnership with you…

As your virtual assistant, my wish is to build a strategic partnership with you.

A common misconception is that VAs are merely “hired help”, once the assignment is finished, they will leave you for the next one. This is far from the truth. I would much rather work with you longterm, assisting the growth and development of your business.

Shared interest equals a strategic partnership. When working with me, I ask that you bring me into your business. Indoctrinate me in your culture, and allow me the opportunity to share my ideas. Collaboration is a powerful tool that will take your business to the next level.

A virtual assistant, then, is not just a person contracted to complete a project. I pride myself on being an asset to your business.